Monday, June 10, 2013

"Network mapping is disable by default on domain networks..." on Windows 7 or Windows 8

When you want to open the Network Mapping in you personal computer inside of Domains and Public Networks, you receive the error:

"Network mapping is disable by default on domain networks. Your network administrator can use Group Policy to enable mapping"

For fix this error follow the next steps:
  1. On "Windows 7" click "Start", in "Search  programs and files" type "gpedit.msc", then press "Enter" key. On "Windows 8" press "Windows key + R key", type "gpedit.msc", then press "Enter" key.
  2. In "Local Group policy Editor" click to expand "Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > Link-Layer Topology Discovery".
  3. In "Link Layer Topology Discovery" in the right panel double click to edit "Turn on Mapper I/O (LLTDIO) Driver".
  4. In "Turn on Mapper I/O (LLTDIO) Driver" window, click to check "Enable", in "Options:" click to check "Allow operation while in domain". *** for security and convenience, I don't recomend check "Allow operation while in public network".
  5. Click on "Apply", and click "OK" to close "Turn on Mapper I/O (LLTDIO) Driver" window. 
  6. Repeat from step 3 to 5 on "Turn on Responder (RSPNDR) driver" policy setting.
  7. Finally click to close "Local Group Policy Editor", and restart the machine.
Now you can see all computer in your Network. :-) 

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