Monday, July 23, 2012

Install a DLL file in Windows

To install a dll you can do it manually or you can use a small script. Here I show you two ways.
  1. Uncompress the DLL file in your system32 folder within the Windows folder. C:\WINDOWS\system32
  2. Click Start button > Run; or click Start button > All  Program > Accessories > Command Prompt
  3. Type the following (regsvr32 filename.dll) * replace filename with the actual filename of the file you downloaded *.
  4. Pressing the Enter button.
  5. When the installation was successful, you should see a message saying that "your file was successfully installed/uninstalled".
  1. Copy and paste in Notepad the script below.
  2. Save it  anywhere and with any name e.g C:\dllinstallation.bat.
  3. Right click in it an Run as administrator.
* You can add all .dll do you want to install. To do this you must add more lines "start regsvr32 xxxxxxx.dll" where you will change the variable "xxxxxx" with the name of the .dll do you want to install.

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