Saturday, June 16, 2012

Open Nautilus as Root in Ubuntu | Linux

Sometimes you need to edit files and save data change. Ubuntu / Linux has a tool that allows us to access folders and files as Administrator. It is Nautilus.

To install Nautilus follow these orders:
  1. Press Alt+F2, then type Terminal or Konsole
  2. In Terminal type sudo su, then press Enter
  3. Type you Administrator password, then press Enter
  4.  Type apt-get install gksu, then press Enter
  5.  Type apt-get install nautilus, then press Enter
  6.  Type nautilus -q, and then press Enter
Nautilus was installed. Now you can use it to make changes to your System as Administrator.

Now, to enter as a root:
  • Press Alt+F2, then type Terminal or Konsole
  • In Terminal type "gksudo nautilus", and then press Enter
Congratulation! Now you have all privileges on your System. 

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